Matt Atwell, Founder

His friends call him Dobby or Matwell. You can decide which is more fitting when you read his articles. He was inspired to start this website as a more positive outlet for his twitter fights with various names in pop culture and sports.

Beau Santomero, Writer

Beau Santomero or “Pink” (a failed Dazed and Confused reference that stuck as a nickname) is currently a student at The Catholic University of America, pursuing a degree in Finance.  As Fawkes’s authority on anything Native American, when he is not contributing Pink can be found watching independent romances, listening to angsty punk music or criticizing things everyone loves.


Morgan Schatzman, Writer

Morgan is Fawkes’s resident pancake connoisseur, with additional interests in glitter, DC culture, and crispy french fries, which she eats with Mayo after her brief stint in Belgium. The adjacent picture is a prime example of Morgan’s elevator selfies, which she takes under the pretense of putting on lipstick on the way to work.




Alex Sniatkowski, Writer

Alex Sniatkowski is a writer who one time saw Ne-Yo cross the street in Manhattan. He is currently working on Gertrude Stein Super Spy, a genre bending spy thriller, which you can check out on his blog, thealexsniatkowskiblogproject. In his spare time, he can’t figure out which movie he’d rather watch: Indiana Jones 4 or Godzilla. He does have a twitter, which he uses sometimes. You can follow it @papabear222222. You might like it.




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