New Girl, Season 5 Premiere

In an all too quick thirty minutes, the Season Premiere of the 5th Season of New Girl sets the stage for a fabulous season. And what better way to do so than through Schmidt and Cece’s wedding? The long anticipated marriage of the two co- stars begs the question of when their counterparts, Jess and Nick will finally get together. By beginning the episode with Schmidt and Cece asking Nick and Jess to be their best man and maid of honor, the writers open a story line for the intimacy of two former lovers planning the wedding of their best friends. What better way to re- establish a connection than visiting what you could have had?

Despite Jess’s chorus through the episode, “This is the year of uuuuuus”, the stars seem destined to their classic pitfalls. Winston, after spending the first three seasons of the show trying to prove he’s a somebody, becomes a local hero after lifting a car to save a kid. To shy away from his newfound fame as the “Car Port Hero”, he decides to bring back his alter- ego, “Prank Sinatra”. Jess, acting with her oversized heart, invites Cece’s mother to Cece and Schmidt’s engagement party. But of course, Cece has failed to mention the engagement to her mother due to her fear he is too “white”, which seems pretty undeniable for a character who the book “Shit White People Like” could have been based on. Case and point: cardis. After Nick fails to bring back the right Indian woman from the airport and ruins Cece’s chance to tell her mother before their engagement party, Schmidt is forced into an epic Bollywood dance number. Despite his elegant shimmies, Cece fails to attain the blessing of “Mrs. P”, which the roommates step in to provide.

Between planning a wedding, the fact that Nick has actual responsibilities, Nick and Jess working in close proximity, and plenty of opportunities for Prank Sinatra to strike, the season is brimming with all the joy and promise of our soon- to- be- Newlyweds.  


By Morgan Schatzman

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