Depression Cherry – Beach House


With “Myth,” Beach House reached a high point. The song, off of 2012’s Bloom, distilled the band’s sound into one distinct masterstroke. It captured their essence, the complexity and beauty of the sound they had developed over six years, in one song.

By no means does that mean Beach House is close to done. After a drop the mic album, the type of artistic achievement of such beauty that most bands could only dream of achieving, Beach House came back with Depression Cherry, a perfect follow up to their 2012 masterpiece. This is a much more subdued effort by the band, which is not intended to detract from the quality of the album. While Bloom washed over the listener, losing the audience in the epic soundscape, Depression Cherry focuses the ear of the listener towards the songs themselves. It’s not as if there is a major change in the band’s sound. The songs sound the same, but there is a layer of uncertainty in their structure that is brought on by a layer of reverb and distortion underneath the arrangements. It threatens to tear the structure of the songs themselves apart. But they never do. The foundation stays intact. The elemental core of the band’s beauty is put on full display. No where is this more evident then in “10:37.” It is a Beach House song stripped to its simplest form. It begins with Victoria Legrand’s voice over an even drum beat allowing the range of her voice to work in contrast to the steady beat. Eventually, the bass follows, then the keyboards and guitar and the rest. The song builds off its foundation, Legrand’s voice. Sometimes it can get caught up in the texture of the band’s arrangements. “10:37” reminds us of the power of this voice.

Depression Cherry does not try to capture Bloom’s majesty, but it has no need to. 

By Alex Sniatkowski

Image from Album Cover

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