Welcome to Fawkes

For those of you who wandered onto this website, whether on purpose or in passing, please allow me to take a moment to explain what exactly it is.

FawkesCulture.com is a passion project spurred by two realizations I had a few months ago when speaking about the fifth season of Game of Thrones: 1) I am a huge nerd when it comes to GoT (among other things), and 2) I absolutely love ​talking about television. I toyed around with what this meant, if anything, and one day while listening to a podcast and skimming, a lightbulb went off.  I thought of conversations with friends and coworkers alike and said to myself, “how cool would it be to do this with friends? to have people my age, writing interesting and original stories about pop culture?” The idea only grew from there and so I knew I had to move forward.

After deciding to move forward with the website​, I knew it first needed a name. I began to brainstorm and thought up with cringe worthy ideas like “Watchers on the World” and “The Psychosphere.” Then, one day while reflecting upon my obsessive love of Harry Potter, I decided upon the name ​’​Fawkes​’​ for a number of reasons​. First and foremost, the name is a nod to Albus Dumbledore’s phoenix. When I thought about it more, naming the site after a phoenix made so much sense. In Harry Potter, Fawkes periodically exploded​ into flame, died away, and rose again from his ashes.​ ​Is this not the same cycle that pop culture continually repeats? Just like Fawkes the phoenix, pop culture ​explodes ​onto the scene​, igniting debates at the high school lunch table and office water cooler​, fading as quickly as it arrives, only to define itself anew. The name also is a wink to one of the longest standing pop culture icons in the world: Guy Fawkes, the co-conspirator of the Gunpowder Plot of the early 17th Century.

Fawkes is a website dedicated to the continuous renewal of pop culture that offers readers and listeners interesting and original takes on the happenings of today, through critical review, conversation, and creative writing.

I ask that you please bear with us over the next few months, while we work out the kinks and learn how to run a website . Any comments, complaints, or suggestions may  be sent to fawkesdotcom@gmail.com.

Welcome to Fawkes.

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