Before someone in CA won the Powerball…

… the contributors of Fawkes each talked about the three things we would buy. If you read this, rando from Chino Hills, feel free to pitch in where you can. Please and thank you.


  1. Movie theater for myself
  2. I’d start an independent publishing house
  3. A DIY Venue. Bowling for Soup will open.


  1. My parents mortgage
  2. Music festival tour around the country
  3. A week of beers for me and all my friends (After further negotiation from said friends, Beau agreed to one year. Except for Morgan, who gets a decade)


  1. The Best Coffee Maker Money Can Buy
  2. The Boston Red Sox, and if it’s not enough I’ll settle for Ted Williams’ frozen corpse
  3. A 1995 Chevrolet


  1. An Avocado Tree
  2. A new comforter
  3. A Degas


  1. Mint Condition Leica M3
  2. Detective Comics No. 27 (first appearance of Batman)
  3. the house from The Big Lebowski

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