Morgan on New Girl: Jury Duty (Season 6, Episode 3)

I didn’t post on last week’s episode because #SOTU, so here’s a brief recap before I get started on tonight’s episode.

Winston was upset about finding a knot in Ferguson’s fur, but really discovered it was merely a knot in his heart, left unfulfilled by the woman he loves. Jess felt the same void, leading her to almost date a dork for his perfectly quirky parents. Jess and Winston’s shared story line, allowed Cece, Schmidt, and Nick to follow their own, set at the bar, where Nick and Schmidt have taken on their new managerial roles.


Now, onto the next one–

In a means of fashioning Jess as the mediating force holding the roommates together, Cece and Nick fight over who is a worse roommate – read over Schmidt and Cece’s upcoming wedding. Their conflict serves as a microcosm of the conflict to which Jess will soon enter– As a juror in a case that requires her to be sequestered for a month in an “aggressively mediocre” hotel.

There seems to be a potential romance blooming between Jess and a lawyer in the case, Daniel, who appreciates her will to take on jury duty as a privilege, not a duty. An opinion she almost forgoes when she has the opportunity to become Acting Principal, while the real principal is in the hospital with a shattered hip.

The episode ends with Jess’s departure, which her roommates fail to understand. Instead, Nick presents her with a carton of cigarettes for bartering, and Winston gives her the advice that as long as her mind is free, she can never be in prison. She leaves them with a bowl of her advice, and leaves us dying to know what kind of shenanigans the loft will get into without her keeping them in line.

Notable quote of the week goes to Nick, with his take on college dorm rooms: “Those horny texters live like kings.”

I’ll leave you all with a question: Would you watch an entire episode of Winston talking to Ferguson? Comment your answer below!


By Morgan Schatzman

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