Ride or Die: 1

The Ride or Die series traces the many awkward elevator rides of Morgan Schatzman. 


picture taken from carenhuman.co.za


I heard footsteps as I waited for the elevator. It beeped and the body had enough time to enter after me. I didn’t even turn to look.

The person stood weirdly behind me, so I awkwardly side stepped to the other side of the elevator. I saw blonde hair, which could mean one of two things. It’s this girl who is weirdly friends with one of my sort of friends, whose friend lives on my floor, or it’s the girlfriend of the guy who I may or may not have worked with. Well, may have worked with in the sense that I may have interned where he worked. Either way, I don’t look.

It looked like she was wearing leggings. Is she heading to the gym, too? God, I hope not. The elevator ride was enough, I can’t bear to have her walk behind me the whole walk to the gym without making eye contact. Don’t go the gym. Don’t go to the gym. I dart out and start down the hall. Phew, she didn’t follow.


By Morgan Schatzman

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