New Girl Season 5: “Bob & Carol and Nick & Schmidt”

Better late than never, right?? Emergency burger trip took me away from watching this episode live…

Winston goes with Cece to try on wedding dresses. While Cece thinks he’s just giving her a ride, it turns into more when Winston stands up to the bullying sales associate, and turns it into a champagne runway party! Unfortunately, they get a little to drunk and Cece ends up with a horrible dress. It requires batteries. Let’s just leave that there. Anyway, the ordeal shows Cece how much Winston cares about her, and allows him to reclaim his title, Winnie the Bitch, as a bridesmaid!

Nick’s trashy cousins are coming to town, and as the richest Miller in the history of Miller’s he fears they will be asking for money. Turns out, they just want his sperm! Nick confesses his fear that he will never have a child and sees this as his opportunity to bring life forth. His dreams are soon crushed when his cousins reveal they don’t have the money for the procedure. They bring up an alternative… Bringing Santa through the Chimney with a Bag full of Gifts. Aka we will never view a White Christmas in the same way. Schmidt becomes a surprising proponent of the idea when he starts to think he can preserve he and Nick’s friendship by keeping them in the same life stage. The two act as foils for Bob and Carol, highlighting the extent of their friendship in the light of their married counterparts. Thankfully, Nick is unable to go through with impregnating Carol, and his sperm remain his own! (Hands up if you’re waiting for Nick and Jess’s baby!)

The episode ends with a visit to see Jess in her hotel, where she once again affirms her place in the center of their, and our, hearts.

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This episode, directed by Jake Johnson (Nick Miller), came together thoughtfully, subtly demonstrating Nick’s true fear of not falling in love and having kids of his own, as well as Schmidt’s fear that he and his best friend will grow apart as they enter different life stages. Cece and Winston’s blooming plot lines show that their friendship goes beyond the ties of Jess and Schmidt. We see five characters, drawn together by accidents of fate, who truly love one another. They allow us all to deal with the complex emotions of getting older and watching our relationships change in an approachable, meaningful way. So thank you Jake Johnson for being real and letting us laugh at ourselves!


By Morgan Schatzman

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