New Girl Season 5: Reagan


It’s quickly revealed that Cece doesn’t have a ring, as Schmidt can’t find a ring perfect enough for Cece. The way he heralds her, as if we didn’t know, is manifesting itself in a new way in their first post engagement fight. After a few bouts of jealousy, Schmidt admits that it’s not just a fear of not getting the right ring, but that he isn’t good enough for her. In the words of Reagan (Megan Fox)- “I understand quantum physics more than I understand Cece choosing you.”

Nick continues his quest for love and the theme of he and Winston’s feat of ending up alone. Winston’s partner, Holly, advises the boys to stop looking for magic and be more realistic. They make a deal to “stop dreaming.” Que: Megan Fox, Pharmacy Rep- Reagan.

Nick offers her Jess’s room for the month, after overhearing her complain about the hotel in which she’s meant to reside. Throughout the episode, Megan Fox unfolds her perfection- from helping mend Schmidt and Cece’s relationship to making the perfect Old Fashioned. While she first comes off as a loner, the loft finds a place in her heart and she agrees to stay. Her sharp humor and cutting means of revealing the other character’s flaws promises continued laughs and enough conflict to drive the season!

It hurts a little to see her move in with our crew and replace Jess, but ultimately, the show has had a lively, refreshing season, and I think it will only increase!

Quote of the episode: “What in Megyn Kelly’s America are you doing?”


By Morgan Schatzman

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