New Girl Season 5: Heat Wave

With no AC, Nick tries to invent new cooling systems for the loft, including freezing his underwear. Reagan steps in with a branch new AC! For herself. When Nick sulks, Reagan calls him out for having a crush on her.


She makes her room so cold they all need ski coats. Except for Nick who chooses to stay in his own devices. Reagan feels bad. Nick calls her out for having a crush on him. Their argument escalates and the loft loses its power. Winston uses his new cop authority voice to send them into the basement to fix it. It works until a literal rat jumps on his literal face. When he goes ballistic, the whole street loses power. They circle back around to the crush conversation, and Nick admits his feelings. SPOILER ALERT: She kisses him. Leaving Jess fans to be happy for Nick and brokenhearted that Nick is drifting. Jess come back!!!!

Cece has a broadcasting audition but chickens out the day of. Winston encourages Schmidt to use tough love to encourage her to follow her dreams. When he does not, Winston uses his cop voice again to try. Cece admits to being scared of the path to her dream job. Schmidt adapts Winston’s cop voice technique to tell her not to walk away from the opportunity. She gets mad, gets blackout drunk, and auditions. Needless to say, she doesn’t do so well. But in the end, she thanks Schmidt for pushing her. The show has done a great job this season giving Cece more character development. I’m happy to see her grow, especially as her pending marriage promises her future in the group!

The episode left me with a few questions:

  1. Are they trying to show global warming effects after Leonardo’s speech? How topical. Or tropical. LOL.
  2. Oh,  how did Ferguson deal with that heat wave?! Where are you little guy?

On the real, I’m wondering if they are making room for Jess to go. I know she is on maternity leave, but with the increased development of Cece’s character, Megan Fox’s fantastic screen chemistry, and the success of the show without it’s main character, I don’t know anymore! What do you all think?

Quote of the episode:

Reagan: It’s 9:30 a.m.

Nick: Then riddle me this- why did I just eat lunch?!

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