Fawkes Festival Spotlight Series

The Music Festival scene is bursting. It seems like every year there has been a new festival added, with each headliner bigger than the year before. We have different takes on this phenomenon as whole, but we are certainly not complaining about the opportunity to spend up to four days with our favorite bands!

Each festival has a different feel (#GoodVibes), created not only by the music, but by the culmination of music, food, art, decorations, and even overnight options. Our Fawkes Culture Contributors are teaming up to cover each festival from all the angles, whether it be the last band on the lowest line, to the experiential add ons, to funny stories of festivals past. Tune in, from now until Festival Season, to learn more about the hottest festivals on the East Coast.
Morgan Schatzman, Firefly Music Festival

Hi, Morgan here! If you’re a Fawkes follower, you know a little bit about my taste in music – Love Hozier and The National, Hate Taylor Swift, etc. Somewhere between folk and indie pop.. Spotify likes to call this “Stomp and Holler”. I’ll take it. As a true blue Delaware girl, I am excited to be covering Firefly Music Festival this year! I have been to two of the four Firefly Music Festivals and after a brief year’s hiatus of going to Landmark Music Festival, I am ready to get back to my one true love. Stay tuned to find out the zillion reasons I am proud to claim Firefly my home state’s festival!

Screen Shot 2016-03-03 at 9.51.54 AM

Matt Atwell, Shaky Knees Fest

What’s up, friends? It’s ya boy, Matt. I really think the best way to describe my musical tastes is to confess that from 2005-2010, I attended 6 consecutive Warped Tours. Now, a lesser man may be embarrassed by this fact but I relish that I was raised off a steady diet of pop punk & emo music. My musical tastes have progressed somewhat – as a 90’s kids, I worship the alternative revolution that occurred in the first half of the decade that gave us bands like the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Nirvana, and Pearl Jam. My love for punk rock has only grown, thanks in part to the explosion of great Pennsylvania (and Scranton) act’s like The Menzingers, Modern Baseball, and Tigers Jaw. My tastes have expanded to encompass indie folk as well as the classic rock, especially The Boss. However, my favorite is easily The Gaslight Anthem who manages to blend every genre of music I enjoy into one place.

My festival experience outside of Warped Tour (if you even consider that a festival) is severely limited. The only real festival I’ve attended was the 2015 Landmark Music Festival in DC, which only served to help me realize that I am obsessed with Lord Huron. I’ll be covering Shaky Knees Music Fest in Atlanta, Georgia for the simple reason that two years ago, they put together what I can only describe as the best lineup I could have ever imagined. The best part is, they haven’t taken their foot off the gas and continue to quietly be one of the best festival’s around today.

Alex Sniatkowski, Governor’s Ball

I went to Governors Ball in 2013. That was the last time I attended a music festival. I had always wanted to go, and 2013 was just about my dream lineup. Fucked Up, Animal Collective, Japandroids, Dirty Projectors; the list of bands I was excited to see was huge.

This year, I am at least textually returning to Governor’s Ball after a three year hiatus. There are a lot of good things about this year’s festival. But, looking at the lineup, I feel a little incomplete.

Over the next couple of weeks, my focus will be on Governor’s Ball, and the bands gracing the stages there. But I will also be giving time in my posts to the other summer festivals in New York City this year, and the diverse set of bands playing all of them.

If you want to see a picture of me at my last Governor’s Ball, here. That’s me underage and drinking an enormous can of Foster’s waiting for Icona Pop to begin.


Beau “Pink” Santomero, Boston Calling Music Festival

I pride myself on my eclectic taste in music, and I personally blame that on my upbringing. My house was musically split in two.My mom listened to old school country, while my dad’s tended to play 80’s New Wave. t.  Before you get the wrong idea, let me say this: I hate country music.  Maybe my mom overplayed it for me as a child, but I think realistically I  need more from my music.  I don’t mean to completely dismiss the genre. My musical tastes drift closer to my dad’s (massive Smiths fan), but the music my mom listened to also left a mark. These divergent  influences led me to take to artists like Tame Impala, the Head and the Heart, Lake Street Dive, the Front Bottoms, and Fidlar, just to name a few.  

Because of this diverse taste in music, a music festival is the perfect place for me.  There are so many different bands across so many different genres. I find it absolutely euphoric.  I have been to several different festivals, however when Matt asked me to cover a music festival, I was drawn to Boston Calling. I really loved the layout of the festival and how it is held in the middle of the city right in Boston City Plaza. It also didn’t hurt that seeing Beck perform last year was the best live performance I have ever witnessed. Even the experience outside the music was incredible. I look forward to getting more in depth as I cover Boston Calling in Fawkes’ Music Festival Spotlight Series.

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