Fawkes Festival Spotlight: Boston Calling’s Last Band on the Ticket

This post is one of a series, where Fawkes Contributors anticipate Music Festival Season by tracking the hottest festivals on the East Coast: Boston Calling, Firefly Music Festival, Governor’s Ball, and Shaky Knees  Gotta Catch ‘Em All!


Often times when I don’t know a band someone recommends to me, I will either dismiss the band as bad or pretend I already know them. Palehound is one where I would pretend to know them.  Their sound is different and interesting, something that the modern music scene needs.  Almost Pixies-like, Palehound’s sound captivates the listener in a way that makes it is easy to listen to a whole album in one sitting.  I would recommend the song “Molly” in order to get a true feel for what the Boston-based band is all about.  Their lyrics convey in a simplistic fashion that speaks volumes to the modern generation.  An incredibly fun listen, I am very excited to see Palehound live at Boston Calling.   

By Beau Pink Santomero

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