Fawkes Festival Spotlight: Firefly’s Last Band on the Ticket

This post is one of a series, where Fawkes Contributors anticipate Music Festival Season by tracking the hottest festivals on the East Coast: Boston Calling, Firefly Music Festival, Governor’s Ball, and Shaky Knees  Gotta Catch ‘Em All!

Well, here it is. I started with the last band on the lowest line of the Firefly Festival Lineup, Motel Radio.


First Impression: Yes. Second Impression: Yeah! Third Impression: YAAAAAS.

I was truthfully expecting some rough pop- punk jams, and was so pleasantly surprised by what I found! Hailing from New Orleans, Motel Radio’s vaguely country, old timey, rock sound is reminiscent of Dawes or old Wilco, but a little more submerged and yet perhaps a little more optimistic. Like we would have PBR’s in a dive bar and sing along with the band.

Song to Listen to: Interlude. Wait, I thought that, but I LOVE Streetlights.

Would I see them? Hell yeah! According to their tour schedule, they play on Thursday, June 16th!

By Morgan Schatzman

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