Fawkes Festival Spotlight: Shaky Knees Fest’s Last Band on the Ticket

This post is one of a series, where Fawkes Contributors anticipate Music Festival Season by tracking the hottest festivals on the East Coast: Boston Calling, Firefly Music Festival, Governor’s Ball, and Shaky Knees  Gotta Catch ‘Em All!

Unlike most bands found at the bottom of festival tickets across the country, Baskery is not a new band. In fact, they released their first full length album, Fall Among Thieves, in 2008 and have since released two subsequent studio albums in 2011’s New Friends & 2013’s Little Wild Life. In fact, Greta, Stella, and Sunniva Bondesson have been playing organized music since as early as 1999, releasing two albums as The Slaptones, which featured the 3 sisters with their father on drums. I guess it isn’t easy to get a ton of recognition in the United States as three sisters from Stockholm, Sweden.



However, that’s all about to change. The band signed with Warner Brother’s last year and is currently in Los Angeles recording their fourth album. They have 3 upcoming dates with Gary Clark Jr. in the Western U.S. and they are the last band on the Shaky Knees Fest lineup this May.

Baskery is a band that fits so well in a festival lineup. Their sound differs from track to track ranging from Elliott Smith-esqu folk rock songs like “Oscar Jr Restaurant Bar,” to legit stomp-and-hollar tracks like “Shame & Dance” that is reminiscent to some of Elle King’s more raucous jams, and settling somewhere in the middle with tracks like “The Shadow” that is akin to Rumours-period Fleetwood Mac.

It is clear that the Bondesson sisters are wildly talented and there is no question that I would see Baskery at Shaky Knees Fest, stomping and hollering along with the rest of the crowd, rain or shine.

NOTE: only one of their albums is available on Spotify but you can check out the rest of their music over at the band’s SoundCloud page.

By Matt Atwell

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