Ride or Die 5: Service with a Blush

The Ride or Die series chronicles Morgan’s awkward elevator rides. 

Anyone who has ever worked in the service industry knows there is nothing more mortifying than being yelled at by a customer. Your face warms and becomes beat red as you try to stay positive, mollify the customer, and not throw anyone under the bus.

Even more nerve wracking is when the elevator pings, someone gets in, and all of a sudden it’s just you and that angry customer from before. You instantly recognize each other, awkwardly making eye contact…. know exactly who the other is. One of you needs to be nice, still trying to atone for a mistake, while the other is in full power to dismissively glare back. Guess who’s who?

I stare at the floor. My skirt’s too short. I have no jewelry on. My hair isn’t straight. More excuses for this guy to hate me.

Ping. He bolts of the elevator. I sigh and shake my head. Another awkward elevator ride.

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