Modern Baseball & Modern Punk Podcast

Alex and Matt got together to talk about Modern Baseball’s new album. Before they got into the album, they did a Buy or Sell (3:00), had a quick discussion on television dramas vs. comedies (5:30), and talked about albums they’ve been listening to (17:00). Then, they spoke about Modern Baseball’s magnificent new album Holy Ghost (24:30), the New York Times profile of the band (33:30), and had a long discussion about the state of the punk and DIY scenes and their evolution over the years (40:00). In the pod, Matt and Alex recommended that you all go and check out some cool stuff:

Buy Modern Baseball’s fantastic new album, Holy Ghost, here:

And read Joe Coscarelli’s New York Times profile on the band:

Go check out the 33 1/3 series on classic music albums and their cultural significance:

You should read Don DeLillo’s novel Zero K:

Watch the MR. ROBOT Season Two Trailer:

And don’t forget to listen to Parquet Court’s album Human Performance and Brian Fallon’s debut solo album Painkillers. 

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