Beau’s Boston Calling Preview

Well gang, it looks like we made it to Memorial Day weekend. There’s going to be barbecue, baseball, plenty of beer, and, in my case, the Boston Calling Music Festival.With one of the biggest lineups in the festival’s history, it is very easy to get excited about it. I’ve done some brief artist profile’s that are on the ticket, in Palehound and the Front Bottoms, but lets take a look at some of the other bands on the bill.


Lisa Hannigan: From the limited exposure I have on her, I diagnose her as a coffee shop treasure. Hannigan’s an acoustic talent who is making a big stage debut here in Boston.

Sufjan Stevens: Sufjan is an absolutely fascinating individual. His album Carrie and Lowell was one of my favorites from 2015, but deep down I’m hoping we get a good amount from Sufjan Steven’s 2005 album, Illinois, something that I almost forced myself to like. It will be interesting to see what Sufjan will be like in a festival atmosphere.

Sia: Pop artist. I’m trying really hard here not to dismiss all the Top 40 artists and be open minded here. I’m sure the performance will be fun. Whatever.


The Vaccines: I love this band. Their 2011 album, What Did You Expect From the Vaccines, might be one of my desert island albums. “If You Wanna” is probably their most popular song and has a nice classic rock and roll sound to it, with lyrics that I think speak volumes to the modern generation.

BORNS: BORNS is an incredibly fun show. I had the pleasure of seeing them at the 9:30 Club in Washington, DC and the only way I can describe it is simply fun. Sometimes bands with the kind of sound that BORNS exhibits in 10,000 Emerald Pools find it hard to replicate that energy at a live concert. But they did it. Also, their lead singer is a dude. Some people don’t know that. Spooky.

Courtney Barnett: Sometimes I Sit and Think and Sometimes I Just Sit was without question my favorite album of 2015. Its an utterly stellar album, both because of the way it sounds and lyrically. This album dropped about a year ago and it quickly became one of the most popular albums in the independent music scene. I would marry Courtney Barnett in one second if she asked me to. She’s Australian, you guys.

Mike Snow: Is he just going to play Animal over and over again?

ODESZA: I admittedly like their sound. But this is a music festival right? Let’s hope we don’t get that weird rave crowd with glow sticks and stuff.


Unknown Mortal Orchestra: They put out some pretty cool tracks last year with their album Multi-Love, with the title track being a personal favorite. They have a really interesting sound, almost like old Tame Impala. I am interested to see how it translates to a live stage.

Charles Bradley and his Extraordinaires: This is an absolute treat. Very rarely do we as a society get to hear something so reminiscent of a legendary artist. Bradley’s R&B and Soul is obviously James Brown inspired and I can say pretty confidently that Charles Bradley will put on quite the performance.

The Front Bottoms: I know I already went over this, but I am just so god damn excited to see them again. A Front Bottoms show is typically an intimate party of people who worship Brian Sella’s pop punk DIY sound. Now with them out of their element, what will happen? I am excited to see. Obviously.

The Front Bottoms

Elle King: “Exxxxesss and O-O- O-Ohhs don’t you want me!!” Holy shit, I hate that song. Maybe Elle King will do her “My Neck, My Back” cover. That would be fun. Right?           ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Haim: These sisters are pretty awesome. I love the whole album Days Are Gone. However, they have only 11 tracks to their name. That’s not a lot for a headliner. Will we be seeing some covers? Or dare I say it…. NEW MUSIC??????

Disclosure: Latch over and over again? That same rave people joke from ODESZA? Anything sticking? Great.

When I told Matt about my plan for this coming weekend, I was told to focus on having a blast this weekend, which is what the purpose of a music festival is. A music festival is my euphoria, so I am excited to see all these bands and more. Anything interesting, boring, fun, or surreal will be tweeted using the #fawkesculture. Wish me luck.

By Beau Santomero

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