The Fort Fantasy Baseball League: Week 7 Recap

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Week seven provided some of the biggest thrills this season in the Fort Fantasy Baseball League. In a week of cross divisional matchups, we saw some shake ups that could start to determine the trajectory of events in the second third of the season.

Let’s start with the game everyone has been talking about: the matchup between the Mike Clancy helmed “Mikey Bombers” and Luke Sniatkowski’s “Mac’s Smelly Socks” . What’s now obvious is that this contest had trap game written all over it. Up to this point the “Bombers” had been undefeated, outscoring opponents by an average of 72 points a game. The “Socks,” on the other hand, had only one win against the dismal “Relieving Myself,” the league’s last remaining one win team. Marquee players such as Steven Strasburg and Ben Zobrist powered this run that propelled the “Bombers” to the top of the standings. But this week the scoring stopped. Posting their first score under three hundred points, the “Bombers” undefeated streak ended, as they fell to the “Socks.”

While this should not signal the end for the “Bombers, could just the mere showing of mortality energize the teams he seemed to have left in the dust? Who knows?

While much of the focus this season has been on the “Bombers” run, two teams have been quietly building momentum based off subtle, but strong performances. Tied for first in the Western Division at 5-2, we’re talking about “Green Day’s Mookie”, operated by Matt Atwell, and “The D-Train,” powered by Alex “The Lightning Man” Sniatkowski. Both landed decisive victories this week. The “Train” topped Will Ferraro’s “Golden Sombreros” by 101 points, while “Mookie” defeated “The Credible Hulk,” run by another Will, Will Santomero, 407-337. It could be interesting to see what happens with these teams over the coming weeks if the chink in the “Bombers” armor becomes “chunk.”

What made the seventh week of the season so interesting was the crew of teams in the middle of the pack, hovering around .500. This crop included the aforementioned “Credible Hulk,” Grant Pitalla’s “Benny Bombers”, and Beau Santomero’s “Meat is Murder.” B. Santomero’s squad faced off against “Relieving Myself,” an expansion team, and wow, did they live up to their name. These vegetarian vigilantes murdered “Relieving Myself” racking up a 107 point trouncing. This advanced the team to 4-3, a critical victory in light of “Hulk’s” loss, as well as a defeat delivered to the “Benny Bombers.”

“The Benny Bombers” loss turned out to be a heartbreaker. Going up against Steve Mastro’s “A-Rod’s Girlfriends,” the “Bennies” posted weak performances early on, trailing the “Girlfriends” by sixty three midweek, but they came roaring back, thanks to the bat of Francisco Lindor. Late Sunday night, the league’s owners all went to sleep under the assumption that the “Bennies” had prevailed, only to wake up and find that a late game loss from Chris Archer dropped the teams score to 325. The “Girlfriends” held on, posting a score of 326.They emerged victorious in the closest game of the season. This was a critical win for the “Girlfriends,” whose frustrated owner was waiting for a break of sunshine in his stormy and tumultuous season. This positions them in the middle of the pack, and in a perfect place to make a run to the top. With a few more wins, it could be interesting whether or not the “Girlfriends” have the moxie and consistency to become contenders. If it turns out they do, this could very well be the game that jump started Mastro’s team.

League Standings


1. Mikey Bombers (6-1)
2. Meat is Murder (4-3)
3. Benny Bombers (3-4)
4. The Credible Hulk (3-4)
5. The Golden Sombreros (3-4)


1. The D-Train (5-2)
2. Green Day’s Mookie (5-2)
3. Arod’s Girlfriends (3-4)
4. Mac’s Smelly Socks (2-5)
5. Relieving Myself (1-6)

By Alex Sniatkowski

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