The Fort Fantasy Baseball League: Week 9 Recap

Expansion teams have it hard. Coming into a league of established teams and trying to carve out a space for yourself is difficult business. There’s no denying that. Often comprised of younger, immature players and older journeymen, these squads struggle for a long time before really finding their footing. This year the FFBL’s first expansion team “Relieving Myself”  fits that mold perfectly. The team has struggled to post a score above 200 points this entire season. But despite this, it’s difficult not to be dismayed by this squad’s performance.

“Relieving Myself” has seemingly relieved itself from any motivation whatsoever. The best thing for a young team like this is to play with heart, to play against the odds, to perform above and beyond, even when above and beyond will not even be enough. But they haven’t done this once. It’s unclear who to blame. Obviously someone in the locker room needs to step up to motivate this team, but one can only wonder if this culture is entrenched all the way up to the teams management. Hopefully this team can start posting some strong performances over the next couple weeks and challenge their opponents, but right now it doesn’t look that way. After another loss, this one at the hands of Atwells “Green Days Mookie”, “Relieving Myself” looks increasingly less inspiring.

But let’s speak about the other team in this matchup, “Mookie.” Their huge win ties them for first place in the league with Mike Clancy’s “Mikey Bombers,” who suffered their second loss of the season at the hands of Grant “Greedo” Pitalia’s “Benny Bombers.” While Clancy’s “Bombers” were the talk of the league after their hot 6-0 start, Atwell’s squad has showed that a season is much longer than the first couple months. They’ve now tied the “Bombers” and have shown that a hot start doesn’t determine the final standings.

In week 8, “Mookie” also benefited from a major loss for Alex Sniatkowski’s “The D-Train,” at the hands of “The Credible Hulk,” helmed by Will Santonero. It was a huge win for the “Hulk”, who needed this win to improve to .500, and an equally huge loss for “The D-Train” if they want to remain in the upper tier of the league. That being said, the “Train” took advantage of their week 9 matchup against “Macs Smelly Socks,” owned by Luke Sniatkowski, to continue to be a close third behind the top two juggernauts of the league.

The middle of the pack still remains a mystery to predict. Take for example, Steve Mastros “A-Rods Girlfriends.” Their huge week 7 win was followed by a second win the next weekend, putting the team at .500, only to see them lose at the hands of the “the Credible Hulk” in week nine to drop them below .500 again.

On the other hand, “The Benny Bombers” after dropping to 3-4 after week seven have staged two strong weeks, to advance to 5-4. They have tied themselves with “Meat is Murder” who had a tough loss to “Mookie” in week 8. This week they thoroughly dominated “the Golden Sombreros,” a team that spent the early part of the season in the middle of the pack, but has recently found itself dropping lower and lower in the standings. There has been some trade talk surrounding some of the “Sombreros” big name pitchers. Its too early in the season to think that the “Sombreros” are selling house. I will be interesting to see where the team goes. Trade talks will bring some excitement to a team that is as unexciting as its name.



  1. Mikey Bombers (7-2)
  2. Meat is Murder (5-4)
  3. Benny Bombers (5-4)
  4. The Credible Hulk (5-4)
  5. The Golden Sombreros (3-6)



  1. Green Day’s Mookie (7-2)
  2. The D-Train (6-3)
  3. A-Rod’s Girlfriends (4-5)
  4. Mac’s Smelly Sox (2-7)
  5. Relieving Myself (1-8)


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