GAME OF THRONES Season 6, Ep. 7 Mailbag: “The Broken Man”

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Denise asks, “Where is Robert Baratheon’s illegitimate son (the one Ned found and was trying to keep safe) and who was with Arya early on in the show? He was the one the Red woman put leeches on.

The illegitimate son of Robert’s Denise is speaking of is our long lost friend Gendry, who we have not seen since Season 3. You may remember all the way in Season 1, when Ned began investigating the death of Jon Arryn, he visited Gendry, who at the time was apprenticing to the best blacksmith in King’s Landing. Ned immediately realized the resemblance to Robert and knew that Gendry must be one of his many bastard sons.


When Cersei began having all the known Robert bastards in the Realm murdered, Gendry is sent out of the city by Tobho Mott, the smith his apprenticed too. Upon this, he decides to join the Night’s Watch but is captured in his travels to the Wall and help captive at Harrenhal along with Arya. They later escape with the help of Jagen H’ghar.

The group then was captured by the Brotherhood Without Banners, who later sold Gendry to Melisandre. Her interest in Gendry is to use the King’s Blood that runs through his veins in a blood magic ritual. She eventually leeches the boy, and Stannis burns one leech for each “usurper” king. This prophecy came through earlier in Season 6, with the passing of Balon Greyjoy.

After the leeching, Stannis has Gendry put in the cells underneath Dragonstone. Upon realizing that Melisandre means to have Gendry killed, Davos steps in and saves the boy. And this is the last we see of Gendry. For all we know, he is still out there somewhere, rowing away.

This obviously could be a gaping plot hole that the show simply never addresses and we could never come across Gendry again. However, after the great purge of Robert’s bastards, the death-by-shadow of Renly, the burning of Shireen and the death of Stannis, Gendry is the last remaining Baratheon is Seven Kingdoms. That is pretty significant, as House Baratheon is one of the noblest and oldest houses in the realm.

Where may Gendry be? That is a good question. The way I see it, there are two possible places where we may find Gendry.

In the books, Gendry is never sold by the Brotherhood and remains a member of the group of outlaws and is eventually knighted by Lord Beric Dondarion. Would Gendry put the past behind him and rejoin the Brotherhood? Perhaps. And perhaps he is in Riverrun right now with the Blackfish. It wouldn’t be out of the question for him to sail to North from Dragonstone, around Crackclaw Point, and then East and up the Bay of Crabs in the Riverlands, and then meeting and rejoining the Brotherhood.

Or, a route that might make more sense (and an easier story) would be that he sailed Northeast from Dragonstone towards Essos and ended up in Braavos, where he woould be safer. Who knows? Maybe him and Arya will reunite and travel back towards Westeros together.

Oh Where Oh Where Could My Gendry Be? The Lord of Light Took Him Away From Me

Mike asks, “Why Doesn’t Jon call on House Greyjoy? Would they fight for him? Now that he knows Rickon is alive he knows Theon didn’t kill him and Bran…”

Screen Shot 2016-06-08 at 9.08.11 PM
Theon Receiving a Top 5 Worst Motivational Speech Ever P/C HBO

Well, you might remember from the first episode of Season 2, Robb tried to call on House Greyjoy as an ally and that didn’t work out for any party involved.

Now I know,the Greyjoy’s are under different leadership, Theon is a changed man, and him and Yara control a large fleet but you have to know, the Iron Born do not kneel to anyone unless forced to. They have continually rebelled against the Iron Throne, reaving and pillaging coasts, even holding land. Stannis Baratheon even once led a fleet to crush a rebellion.

It also appeared clear from Sunday’s episode that Yara and Theon – and back on Pyke, Euron as well – would all be willing to join forces with Daenerys and for her but that is only because in that situation that would be allied with the Crown, and they would probably be handsomely awarded for their ships. In the case of Euron, he may even be a suitor to marry the future Queen of Westeros.

Jon and Sansa cannot offer House Greyjoy any thing close to this and I’m not sure they really want to – both because they don’t have a grand scheme for the Throne (that we know of) and because of what Theon has done. Even though Theon didn’t kill their brother, e still pillaged and burnt their home and put every servant and knight at Winterfell to the sword. He isn’t exactly sin free in their mind. So, I’m afraid the prospects of House Greyjoy aligning with the Stark’s are about as likely as the Lannister’s marching North to their aid.




  1. Where is Robert Bsratheon’s illegitimate son (the one Ned found and wad trying to kerp safe) and whot was with Arya early on in the show? He was the one the Red woman put leeches on.


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