Fort Fantasy Baseball League: Week 10 Recap

After falling to second place last week, the “Clancy Bombers,” faced an insurgent “Credible Hulk,” a team that, after a few early season missteps, seemed poised to make a big run. On the heels of a two-week winning streak, they crossed the .500 mark and entered the competitive and constantly shifting middle of the pack. Along with “the Benny Bombers” and “Meat is Murder,” “Hulk” sat at 5-4. All three teams were tied for fourth place, and right on the heels of the “D-Train.”

There’s been a lot of talk in these recaps about the middle of the pack teams, and this week proved why. “Meat is Murder” delivered a blow to the “D-Train,” a team that has been slowly derailing over the last couple of weeks. “Murder” handedly won the game and has now entered into a three-way tie for third with his opponent, as well as his cross division rival, the “Benny Bombers.” The “Bombers” also delivered a strong performance smashing “the 88 Train,” a train that has apparently never even tried to leave the station. Early in the week it seemed like the “Credible Hulk” could have joined in to make this three way deadlock one orgy of a tie for third. They took an early lead on the “Mikey Bombers,” and ended up posting one of the strongest scores of the week. They could have beaten seven of the teams with their score this week, but when playing “the Bombers” sometimes a great performance just isn’t enough.

While the Eastern Conference has been shifting more than the tectonic plates on the San Andreas fault line, the West has shown a bit more stability this season. But just like the Pacific Northwest, there are a lot of signs suggesting the possibility of a continental shift that could cause massive damage throughout the region. The two leaders of the conference, “Green Day’s Mookie” and “The D-Train,” suffered tough losses this week. “Mookie” lost to “A-Rod’s Girlfriends” by two points thanks to a late game effort by the squad on Sunday night. The “Girlfriends” have been hit or miss all season. They’ve had some tough breaks here and there, but ultimately it is a question of whether or not the team will show up each week. Two of their five wins have been by two points or less which can be an unpromising sign for the future. Despite this, they now stand at .500 and two games out of first place. If they step up their game over the next few weeks, they could really shake things up.

“Relieving Myself” still continues to impress the league with their inability to win and remains perpetually dismal with one win. Their loss to “Mac’s Smelly Socks” keeps them in the league’s basement. At this point, it seems like management is the only thing left to blame. The owner might as well have checked out and left for Russia. It certainly seems that way.

In other news, this past week “the Golden Sombreros” attempted to rebrand themselves, taking the moniker of “The 88-Train,” and this week almost found a way of justifying that change. At 3:50 on Wednesday, the “88 Train” was at 88 points, a score they should have stayed at in light of their loss and that this is the closest the team has come to a successful PR moment since the organization’s inception in 2015. The inadequate creativity of the team’s PR department is an affront to not only the other 9 league members, but to its fans and supporters across the country. This comes without even mentioning the claims that this new name could count as plagiarism in the eyes of certain teams.

Team to Watch Out For: The Benny Bombers– A three game win streak. One against the “Mikey Bombers.” Come on son.

Matchup of the Week: Meat is Murder vs. The Benny Bombers– Tied in their division at 6-4, this game could be an early indicator of where both will be standing when the dust clears.


  1. Mikey Bombers (8-2)
  2. Meat is Murder (6-4)
  3. Benny Bombers (6-4)
  4. The Credible Hulk (5-5)
  5. The 88 Train (3-7)



  1. Green Day’s Mookie (7-3)
  2. The D Train (6-4)
  3. A-Rod’s Girlfriends (5-5)
  4. Mac’s Smelly Sox (3-7)
  5. Relieving Myself (1-9)

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