In Which Will and Alex Discuss the Ontological Implications of Back to the Future and the Possibility of Robert Zemeckis as the Omnipotent Creator

The Back to the Future trilogy recently found its way to Netflix, and just like when there is a Back to the Future marathon on Spike or AMC, we had to watch all of them immediately. The movies, which are seemingly light, family friendly, comedic action-adventure fare, actually raise some deep questions about the fundamental nature of human’s existence in the universe. While there is a rabbit hole of inquiry we could fall down about the time space continuum and the ethical dilemmas that Doc Brown’s Delorean cause, one fundamental question that I’ve posed to Fawkes Associate Will Ferraro (who is often mentioned in our Fantasy Baseball recaps) is how Marty McFly never questions whether or not he is living in a fictionally constructed universe. The morning after traveling back in time, he wakes up to a song playing on his alarm in which the chorus specifically mentions going back in time. What is baffling is that he does not even question the cosmic irony of the whole situation. Will, on the other hand, thinks it is perfectly normal that Marty does not. This is our conversation:


Some was intended to be Dome in reference to the Dome in which Truman Burbank is held in


“We could be in their predicament”- The final profound statement to make Will aware of the possibility that he may actually be living in a fictionally constructed reality


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