And a Mudslide Brought It Down: FFBL Week 14 Recap

Like mountain climbers in a mudslide, the teams fighting for second place in the East have struggled to find footing, their gains temporary and fleeting as a wave of wet earth smacks them and pushes them down the mountain, back into company with their competition. After distancing themselves from the pack with a five game win streak, the “Benny Bombers” are back in a three way tie for second place, with “Meat is Murder” and “The Credible Hulk.” Even more disheartening for this team is where they land in the tiebreaker – fourth place. After challenging the throne for three weeks, the “Bombers” look to be back where they started, maybe even a little lower.

This defeat came at the hands of “Green Day’s Mookie,” who ended their four game losing streak with quite the statement. They scored over 450 points, and left the “Bombers” in the dust from the outset. “Mookie’s” losing streak had put them in a tie for second place with “A-Rod’s Girlfriends,” a team that has been struggling and hovering around the .500 mark all season. For a team that only a few weeks ago was in first place in their division, this was cause for alarm. This game was a huge win, a pronounced return. Maybe not at the level of Christ rising from the dead, but at least at a similar level to Rocky Balboa’s defeat of Clubber Lang in Rocky III. It’s impossible to say whether or not “Mookie” has regained the eye of the tiger for good, but after this week it’s a sure possibility.

Despite the strong victory, “Mookie” still remains a game out of first place. “The D-Train,” thanks to a 100 point Saturday performance, beat “The Mikey Bombers,” giving the team their fourth loss. The “M.Bombers” have really benefitted from their six game win streak at the start of the season. In the last 8 weeks, the team has gone .500 which shouldn’t be cause for alarm, but definitely makes this behemoth a little more human sized. As for “The D-Train,” this was a much needed win to hold off “Green Day’s Mookie” for another week. They advance to 9-5, with the second best record in the league, which is impressive considering that their ace pitcher, Clayton Kershaw, is injured for the time being.

“A-Rod’s Girlfriends” needed a win this week to stay tied with “Mookie,” but unfortunately for them that win did not come. A close loss to “Meat is Murder” sends them back to .500. With the playoffs on the horizon, this is not a good sign for the team. It’s looking like the “Girlfriends” may be looking from the outside in, come this postseason due to their inability to capitalize on chances and their seemingly purposeful squandering of opportunity.

The two teams that will likely end up in the playoffs instead of the “Girlfriends” are “Meat is Murder” and the “Credible Hulk,” two wild card teams that, honestly, have been barely more consistent than the “Girlfriends.” “The Hulk” is on a two game win streak, which is the most wins they’ve strung together in a row in recent memory. “Murder” has just won one in a row, but their consistent point production makes them a formidable opponent in the near future. Both teams have shown their ability to put up monster numbers, now all they need to do is keep it consistent.

“The Hulk’s” victim this week was “Mac’s Smelly Sox,” curbing the teams four game win streak that brought them out of the basement and into contention for an outside playoff bid. Injuries hurt the team this week, but ultimately “The Hulk’s” 405 point performance probably would not have been topped even with a full roster. If the “Sox” want to stay in the picture, they’re going to have to play some pretty strong games over the next few weeks.

Well, it looks like the incessant mention of “The 88 Train’s” misguided rebranding effort finally convinced the team to make a change. This week, the team formerly known as “The 88 Train” became the team now known as “The McBadbats.” They also were able to finally notch a nice little victory, albeit at the hands of “Spiderman Buttslap.” Will this new name change their fortunes? Almost certainly not. “The McBadbats” seem far more concerned with spending money on new uniforms and logos, on impotent marketing teams and strategists, on PR campaigns that end up being duds, than they do on their team. This is a team that seeks attention through media stunts, not by strong play or exciting games.

“Spiderman Buttslap,” I’m at an absolute loss for words right now with you.

Team to Watch Out For: Meat is Murder – They’ve stumbled a bit in recent weeks, but they’re right back in it.

Matchup of the Week: The D-Train vs. The Benny Bombers– Can the sliding Benny’s righ the ship against the low scoring D-Train?


  1. Mikey Bombers (10-4)
  2. Meat is Murder (8-6)
  3. The Credible Hulk (8-6)
  4. Benny Bombers (8-6)
  5. The McBadbats (5-9)


  1. The D-Train (9-5)
  2. Green Day’s Mookie (8-6)
  3. A-Rod’s Girlfriends (7-7)
  4. Mac’s Smelly Sox (6-8)
  5. Spiderman Buttslap (1-13)

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