Grouplove Releases New Single “Welcome to your Life” off their Upcoming Album BIG MESS


Grouplove just released the first single off their third album, Big Mess, which is due out in September. It’s been a busy few years since the band’s last album, Spreading Rumours, which came out in 2013. Since then, the band’s two vocalists, Christian Zucconi and Hannah Hooper gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, Willa Payne.


Willa’s birth seems to have inspired much of the band’s upcoming album called Big Mess. The album title comes from their first single, “Welcome to your Life,” which was released on July 15th. As a huge Grouplove fan [read stalker], I couldn’t wait to hear their new music, especially given the excitement of Hannah Hooper as we anticipate the album. Prior to the single’s drop, she released the following Instagram, leaving fans in waiting to hear what their beloved frontwoman had penned, inspired by her new baby. The caption reads ‘NEW ART NEW MUSIC NEW OUTLOOK NEW DAY NEW WEEK NEW NEW NEW #weback.”

“Welcome to your Life” features a catchy chorus and an inspiring message and music video. The chorus particularly corroborates the message of new life

Welcome to your life, yeah, yeah
It could be a fantasy, yeah, yeah
Welcome to your world, my girl
Let it be your fantasy, oh yeah

And it wouldn’t be the Grouplove we know and love if they didn’t wish a creative and progressive life upon their daughter. First, with the focus on the fantastic, fitting as Hannah and Christian are not only musically gifted, but Hannah is also a painter. In fact, her paintings are featured as all the band’s album art. Christian also sings, “All the roads in this world were made by the young,” suggesting the impact their baby girl can have on the world.

The same optimism and sense of awe in the world are beautifully depicted in the video, which features a girl sitting in a classroom, bored, and then daydreaming herself into the wonders that lay outside convention and rigor. It’s a song Willa can certainly look back on and feel pride in her parents and inspired by their dreams for her. And probably embarrassed at some point when the other kids in school sing that she’s “such a big mess.”

So thank you to Hannah, Christian, and all of Grouplove I am really looking forward to the album’s release this September, and I have, of course, already pre- ordered it.

This article would be remiss to not mention Hannah’s killer post- baby bod, which she shows off in the music video and in many of the outfits she’s been donning on tour.

Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 10.14.25 AM

Photo taken from

Check Big Mess’s first single, “Welcome to your Life”, here:

By Morgan Schatzman

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