Listen to The Menzingers New Song “Lookers”


On Friday, The Menzingers released their new song “Lookers” via Noisey. Back in May, the Philly transplants took to social media to announce the completion of their upcoming 5th album, After the Party, produced by Will Yip. Yip has previously produced studio albums from such acts as Balance and Composure, Tigers Jaw, and Title Fight among many others.

“Lookers” begins slowly with singer Greg Barnett’s soaring vocals howling over a single guitar, but quickly moves into an upbeat anthem laced with a guitar hook reminiscent of the more fast paced tracks off 2014’s Rented World. The song features nostalgic lyrics that have characterized many of the band’s earlier records, longing for the days when the song’s subjects “were such lookers.” It is even complete with a Jack Keruoac reference (“You little Kerouac / Always running like Dean and Sal”) a la The Gaslight Anthem’s “Great Expectations.”

The band has not yet announced if “Lookers” will appear on After the Party album. Earlier in the summer at a show in their hometown of Scranton, The Menzingers debuted two other new songs. One remains unnamed and will appear on the upcoming album while Barnett announced the track  “Bad Catholics” may end up on a split but will not be on the new LP.

With no release date set for After the Party, fans will have to settle with listening these jams on repeat a little longer. Check out “Lookers” below.

By Matt Atwell

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  1. […] I wrote earlier this week about The Menzingers new track “Lookers”, which makes an appearance on the playlist, as well as two songs from their 2012 masterpiece On the Impossible Past. The four-piece punk band signed to Epitaph Records back in 2011 and features Tom May, Greg Barnett, Joe Godino, and Eric Keen. The band has really expanded their sound from the straightforward punk rock that characterized their earlier work and I’m stoked to hear how their forthcoming 5th album After the Party continues that progression. […]


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