Vince McMahon Goes Number 2: Week 19 Recap

Well it looks like Week 19 has wrapped up and the season along with it. It was an exciting homestretch. We had tight races for seeding and home-field advantage. We had a do or die week for two teams trying to get the last playoff spot. And, then there was of course a perennial loser’s quest for a second win, which was in tandem with a very well guided rebranding effort.

This week “The Durag Vince McMahons” became “The McGoodbats” and the name could not have been more fitting. They faced off against the poorly named “McBadbats,” and staged a stunning performance to notch their second victory right as the regular season closed. It was beautiful, a work of art and mastery the likes the world has never scene. The feeling of watching along as the “McGoodbats” put away the “McBadbats,” can only be matched in magnitude and majesty with standing in the Sistine Chapel, surrounded by Michelangelo’s masterpiece. Both the Chapel and the “McGoodbats” second victory share the distinct characteristic of bringing out tears of beauty in their audience.

The team also debuted a new motto- “Sic Semper Ferraro,” a Latin translation of, “Thus Always to Bill,” and it couldn’t be more prescient. Murphy’s Law does not even begin to describe “the McBadbats.” Apparently with them, everything that can go wrong will go wrong, whether that be the season or the multiple rebranding efforts the team attempted this year. After the trajectory of their season as a whole, and after boldly claiming they were going to win out in their final three games. They lost to three remaining non playoff teams, finishing with the “McGoodbats.” It was a fitting way to end a season of false hopes, poor marketing, and delusional claims.

Joining both sides of the quality bat coin in the loser’s bracket will be the “A-Rod’s Girlfriends,” despite dominating “Meat is Murder” this past week. After Week 16, it was brought to attention that the “Girlfriends” needed to win out to even be in contention for the post season. Win out, they did, but it was also mentioned that they were not fully in control of their destiny. Despite their “Die bitch Die,” rallying cry and three game win streak, after this week they miss the playoffs on a tiebreaker to the “Credible Hulk.”

“The Credible Hulk’s” victory against “Mac’s Smelly Sox” squeaks them into the playoffs, but just barely. They lost two in a row prior to this, and almost allowed the “Girlfriends” to steal that last spot from them. But a pretty decent trouncing of the “Sox” gives them that final seed, and a first round matchup against “Green Day’s Mookie.”

It must be tough to be “Green Day’s Mookie” right now. They mercilessly pounded “The Benny Bombers” in Week 19. They have the highest season point total in the league. They’re on a win streak and piping hot. But most importantly, they missed out on a first round bye to their division rival, “The D-Train.” All this must be compounded by the reality that the “Train,” has the least amount of points of all the playoff teams, in fact even less than some teams who missed out on the playoffs. Even more heartbreaking is that they share the same amount of wins. The deciding factor in their final standings is the “Train’s” Week 16 tie against the “McBadbats.” “Mookie” is still in a great position to make a run, but missing out on the first round bye must be tough. I bet. Right? Mookie? Right? Does it burn your soul just a little bit?

“Mookie’s” victory snaps the “Benny Bombers’s” four game win streak. Hopefully for them, this doesn’t signal another skid, like the one they had on the heels of their last big win streak. The loss is a little disheartening for the team due to the margin of defeat. Losing by 250 points is not a good way to enter the playoffs. Hopefully for the “Bombers” Week 19 is just a fluke. They better hope it is going into their first round matchup against “Meat is Murder.” “Murder” and the “Bombers” have been battling for position in their division all season, and this week it looks like this matchup is going to come to a head. It’ll be exciting to see which of these two will be facing off against the “Mikey Bombers” in the second round.

The “Mikey Bombers” might find themselves in some troubled waters, in the upcoming weeks. While retaining their bye, in spite of losing to the “D-Train,” recent injury reports suggest that some of the “Bomber’s” aces will be sidelined during the playoffs. Strasburg and Zimmerman will more than likely be on the DL for the “Bomber’s” second round matchup.

Team to Watch Out For: Green Day’s Mookie­– Because the Mooks are really socking the ball, knocking those home runs over the wall.

Matchups of the Week: Benny Bombers vs. Meat is Murder– The rivalry hits its high point with this first round playoff game.

The McBadbats vs. The McGoodbats– Yeah it’s the losers bracket. Yeah they’re objectively the two worst teams in the league. But after a 15 game losing streak, maybe the Good ones can put together a two game win streak.

Winners Bracket:

  1. Mikey Bombers
  1. Meat is Murder
  2. Benny Bombers
  1. The Credible Hulk
  2. Green Day’s Mookie
  1. The D-Train

Losers Bracket:

  1. A-Rod’s Girlfriends
  2. Mac’s Smelly Sox
  1. The McBadbats
  2. The McGoodbats

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