The Big Questions Remaining Ahead of Mr. Robot’s Season 2 Finale

This Wednesday, USA Network’s Mr. Robot will wrap up its second season. While some critics have soured on the show and ratings have waned due to the much slower burn of the series’ second season, as I have noted previously, all the aspects that made the first season such a critical darling are still present in season two, save a pedal to the metal pacing that was alway unsustainable.

With that being said, I think a major point of contention this season (and fairly so, I will add) has been the lack of clarity of direction. Last season, the show had a clear guiding light: hacking E Corp, which has come to be known as the 5/9 hack. This season, however, has separated the show’s major characters and each ostensibly has a different goal. Darlene has been focused on keeping F Society together and continuing the fight against E Corp. Elliot is fighting for control against his alter ego and seeking understanding of what happens when he falls asleep. Dom has the clearest goal of them all: take down the perpetrators of the 5/9 hack. And then there’s the character’s whose motivations are less clear, like Angela, Phillip Price, and White Rose and the Dark Army. To recoup some of the momentum the show has lost heading into the off-season, there are several questions Wednesday’s season finale needs to answer.

What Happened to Darlene and Cisco?

We know after Dom’s cryptic demand to be in on “the interview” that at least one member of Mr. Robot’s “it couple” remain living, but we don’t know which one or if in fact they both managed to make it out of the shootout. We also know that seven people died inside of the diner and that Dom emerged covered in blood. My guess is that Darlene lives but that we’ve sadly seen the last of Cisco.

What Happened to Mobley and Trenton?

While people are rightly more worried about F-society’s 2nd in command and her man Cisco, much less has been said about original F-society members Mobley and Trenton, who we have not seen since the 8th episode of this season, which aired three weeks ago. The last we saw, Mobley had been questioned by Dom and the FBI, but released. Upon his release, he set up a time to meet with Trenton to make plans to get away from the city. Mobley, however, never makes it to the meet with Trenton, who is seen texting him that he is two hours late. After this, neither is seen or heard from again. Darlene does mention to Elliot that the two are missing upon his release from prison but nothing is known about their whereabouts at this time.

What did White Rose tell Angela to make her back off in the case against E Corp?

After a truly strange sequence involving a little girl that looked like a childhood Angela, White Rose informs Angela their is a greater purpose for the existence of the site that ended up killing her mother and Elliot’s father, as well as countless others. White Rose says that this higher purpose is why the plant must remain open and promises to tell Angela what it is if she agrees to end the legal case against E Corp that would lead to it’s closure. The scene, however, ends before the audience learns what this information is. All we see is Angela telling her lawyer to drop the case and to stop calling her. So what did White Rose tell Angela? Did Angela really trust White Rose or is she turning into a double agent just as she did when hired by E Corp? Is Angela a triple agent??

What is Phase II?

Several characters from the Dark Army to Elliot and Darlene have mentioned Phase II but no one seems to know what it is and if they do they’re not telling. The Dark Army has said it is Elliot’s plan, but he is none the wiser. Hopefully, Tyrell can inform us more about Phase II, which he told Elliot is ready upon his reappearance.

Speaking of Tyrell, where has he been all this Time? Was that really Tyrell with Elliot?

We never really got an to the second question last week despite Elliot screaming at the taxi driver to try and find out if what he was seeing was real. Many have theorized that Tyrell is another piece of Elliot’s fractured psyche and some have gone as far as to say Elliot is actually Tyrell’s son from the future. I seriously doubt the latter. As for the former, I am certain that Tyrell was alive and his own person at the beginning of this story. It is possible, however, that Elliot did kill Tyrell last season and to cope with the guilt has tricked himself into believing that he is in fact speaking to Tyrell, but my bet is that Tyrell is alive and present. Where the most wanted man in the world has been hiding and how he was able to just walk into a New York City taxi cab, however, are two totally different question.

What is the place that Elliot tracked Tyrell’s phone to?

More support for the belief that Tyrell is in fact alive and real are the gifts that he left Joanna, which include a phone that he called her on (obviously the breathing on the other end could have been someone else but for the sake of being concise, we’ll assume it was Tyrell). Back in Episode 10 of this season, Joanna had Elliot hack the phone to find out where the calls were coming from. When he informed her of the location of the calls, she considered it a great gift from Tyrell, but we still have no idea what that place is. Hopefully, it will be able to clarify some of the other remaining questions about Tyrell and Phase II.

What are E Corp and The Dark Army’s end goal? Who’s side are they on anyway?

Now this is a question that I don’t believe needs to be answered fully, but more clarity would really help the momentum of the show. As I mentioned above, season one of Mr. Robot had a clear guiding light. We knew where all the allegiances and motivations of the lied. This season, clarity has been thrown to the wind. I am not suggesting that showrunner Sam Esmail must tell us everything, but a bit more clarity in this area would go along way to assuaging many of the concerns of this season’s detractors. It seems that E Corp was aware of the hack all along and actually wanted it to happen so to try and take greater power over the world. We know E Corp assisted in the hack and that White Rose’s alter ego has a relationship with E Corp CEO Phillip Price. That is the extent to our knowledge of these players’ goals. Let’s hope for more this week.

By Matt Atwell

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