The indie duo behind the song in the new iPhone commercial


In case anyone else has been wondering, the song in the new iPhone commercial is called ‘In a Black Out’ by Hamilton Leithauser + Rostam, and it is just as hauntingly beautiful in its entirety as the soul capturing riff Apple teases.

For followers of Fawkes, you’ve heard us talk about Rostam before, when he released ‘Wood’ following his departure from Vampire Weekend and then again when I included his song with Ra Ra Riot on my first weekly playlist. Hamilton Leithauser might ring a bell for Indie Rockers, as the former frontman of The Walkmen and The Recoys. Leithauser and Rostam have collaborated in the past, with Rostam contributing to two songs from Leithauser’s 2014 solo album, Black Hours.

The two released an album together on September 23rd called I Had Dream That You Were Mine, from which ‘In a Black Out’ comes. The album’s dreamlike imagery is carried by Leithauser’s understated drone and Rostam’s experimental pairings, making for an ethereal listening experience. The dynamic infusion of multiple genres and decades with Rostam’s signature piano and electronics find an animated synergy that sets the album apart from the “millennial whoop” and banjo dominating the indie genre today.

Let’s just say, they have me looking at tour dates.

Check out the full album here:

By Morgan Schatzman

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