An Open Letter to the President of Harvard University on Ryan Fitzpatrick’s Week 3 Performance


Beau Santomero
Fawkes Culture, Contributor

28 September 2016

Drew Faust, PhD.
President, Harvard University
Cambridge, MA 02138

Dear Dr. Faust,

First off, I would like to congratulate you on your many accomplishments.  Becoming president of maybe the world’s most acclaimed academic institution is a feat I do not ever expect myself to accomplish.  It is truly impressive.  Harvard is a beautiful place for the world’s most impressive minds and talents. You expect only the best with an acceptance rate of just 5.2%  You truly lead one of the most prestigious institutions in the world, but I am not here to talk about you.  I am here to talk about one of your proud alumni: Ryan Fitzpatrick.


Mr Fitzpatrick is a graduate of your 2005 class, with a degree in mathematics.  e pursued a career path, however, that is quite rare amongst your graduates.  Ryan Fitzpatrick is currently embarking on his 10th season as a Quarterback in the National Football League, specifically his second year playing for the New York Jets.  He had the best year of a long journeyed career last season.  In fact, it was so good that the Jets decided to generously grant him a one year, $12 Million contract.  To put that into perspective, that contract could send someone to your precious Harvard University for 265 years.  These facts alone might be enough to make you proud of a seemingly successful alumni.  However, there is something I would like to address first, that being Ryan Fitzpatrick’s statistics from his Week 3 game this season against the Kansas City Chiefs.  


20 completions in 44 passing attempts, 0 Touchdowns, and maybe most importantly 6 interceptions (3 of which were in the red zone).  The skill I and most football fans value in a quarterback is their decision making. A quarterback who can make the correct decisions and execute them soundly is damn near perfect.  This does not stem from skill but from intelligence.  Now, being that your academic institution is of the highest caliber, I feel it is not unfair to assume Mr. Fitzpatrick’s decision making and intelligence is of the highest caliber.  Looking at these statistics, however, it does not seem like his decision making is all too keen. I do not mean to attack you or Mr. Fitzpatrick, but moreso to warn you of something.  If this is how you would like for your alumni to represent your University, I strongly recommend reconsidering.  This is not about God given talent or even sports in general.  This is about intelligence and wit, something that graduates of Harvard pride themselves in.  I understand everyone has off days and I have seen Mr. Fitzpatrick shine, but this performance cannot be ignored.  Please take this warning with due respect.  I wish you all the best and that Harvard may continue to hold its vastly superior reputation.



Beau Santomero

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